24 Hour AOG 1-844-VORTEX-1 | (901) 475-8675


With our 24 hour AOG services, and a team ready to go at any moment, we will travel any distance to get you back in the air. For AOG contact us at 1-844-VORTEX-1 or AOG@VTXMX.COM.

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1-844-VORTEX-1 | (901) 475-8675

Aircraft Maintenance 

With our diverse knowledge and vast experience Vortex Aviation knows how to get you safely operating back in the air. Whether it’s a Boeing 747 or a Cessna 150 our talented staff’s expertise will be at your service.


We offer 24 hour On-Call Maintenance services to the airlines, their partners, and corporate aviation. We are staffed 24 hours a day on site at the Memphis International Airport. Don’t wait an hour or more to get maintenance assistance, with our quick service we can be to your aircraft within a few short minutes.

Aircraft Management

Don’t waste your time with the hassle of arranging inspections and life limit items. Vortex can deal with the inconvenience of FAA Requirements and Manufacture Airworthiness Limitations. These tasks are routine for our expert staff.

Please contact Vortex Aviation to learn how our services will benefit you

Talk To An Expert - 1-844-VORTEX-1 | (901) 475-8675

General Aviation 

Vortex can also service your small piston aircraft wherever it is located. Let us come to you and take care of any maintenance issues, or even complete your annual inspections.